So, what do I remember about my trip to Cuba? The food, what people were wearing, the landscape, the cars, the people.  On the ship, what stands out the most is the memory of meeting up with my group for drinks, for dinner, for laughter.  Cuba, the reason for the travel. Amazing. We ate, we drank we saw the life.  The tour guides, the people at the mojito lesson and cooking in the restaurant. The look on their faces. The beauty of the people. Being with my group. Friends that had been in my life for years, newer friends, and new acquaintances who by the end of the trip were friends. That is what I remember.
Thank you, Richard and Nancy, for including me........ Sherly SF Calif

Richard and Nancy planned a fantastic trip for a small group to Cuba that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It included a local food demonstration that we participated in, riding rickshaws through the Havana streets, taking Salsa dancing lessons, experiencing the local Cuban nightlife, and many more unexpected adventures.  Thank you for a great trip and looking forward to the next.  ----Peggy Sue Miami Fl

The trip to Italy with Richard and Nancy was unbelievable. We started in Rome. It just kept getting better. The food and sites were fantastic. A stay in the Basilicata Region in southern Italy. Then a 7 day cruise . We were in the Yacht Club.  what a trip
  ----Dale & Vicki  San Diego Ca

This was a trip of a lifetime!  We toured Rome, ate at the best restaurants because they’re all fabulous!  Taste tested pizza til I thought, darn they’re all amazing!  Shopped  and picked up some treasures!  Cooking classes were just fabulous, can’t say enough about those experiences!  We stayed at La Foresta that  Pippino & Maria own/run in Trivigno, Italy.  They were the ultimate hosts and of course food was delicious and fresh ingredients from their garden.  The catacombs were so interesting, ok that was quite the experience!! The city of Matera was unbelievable, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life!  The cruise was just perfect!  We enjoyed it so much!  If you can do this trip it’s so worth the extraordinary experience of a lifetime!  Lew & JoAnn   Morgan Hill Ca.

We did a world cruise on Crystal with Dicky and Annie and friends The 1st night when Nancy and I walked in for dinner Dicky said "Here comes Richard and Nancy. Now the party begins !"

Dicky and Annie Lo

The trip to Cuba with Richard and Nancy was fantastic ! From salsa lessons, sight seeing, to eating in local restaurants. They took care of everything. local tour guides and transportation. If I wanted to go back to the ship early. No problem they made sure it was taken care of.

Helen.....Miami Fl.

The Cuba Trip was fantastic. From the old cars to the cooking class. My favorite part was the Mojitos and the Rum. What an Adventure !!!!!

Dale Gould   San Diego Ca.

Richard and Nancy have been traveling for almost six decades. They have traveled all over the world, and would like to share there knowledge, experience, and those unique places they have found along the way. Richard and Nancy have experienced such adventures as, taking a small boat down the Mekong delta river to a small jungle village.   Exploring, and having lunch with the locals, to riding  camels in the Sahara Desert. All while exploring the Pyramids in Egypt. When traveling with Richard and Nancy they are there to make your vacation a memory of a life time. Below are a few reviews and quotes from travel companions.

My day in Cuba with Richard and Nancy all started with getting off a ship and going through a seriouscustoms inspection funny thing it was just a show for the morning then the officers all left.We meet our tour guide and headed off to a local restaurant where we took a tour of the garden theused for there produce and then we drank and cooked and ate my favorite things. The food was amazing but I am not sure I think the rum isn’t as strong there because I drank lots.We toured the town on almost deserted roads I guess almost no one has cars. Stopped at a cigar shop I
had to indulge myself. Then we went to a great dinner in some back alley all I can say is they know howto cook. Off to Salsa lessons I am terrible at that but there was a bar so all was good. Then we were offto the top of a hotel for live music and dancing, what a trip. My take Cuba is very different then Iexpected it is a clean town with very nice people who all seem happy it was a great experience............. Dale & Vicki San Diego Ca.

Reviews & Quotes

Genie and I went with Richard and Nancy on a Cuba trip. Richard and Nancy had it all planned out from a private cooking class, Salsa lesson and a night out dancing at local clubs, a tour of Havana  in Bike Taxis and dinner at local restaurant . They took care of everything. We just had fun drinking rum and smoking Cuban cigars. We will remember this trip to Cuba forever !!!!!!!

Genie & Larry   Ft. Lauderdale Fl.

Wow!!!!! our trip to Europe with Richard and Nancy was terrific. The stay in Rome was more than I could hope for. The food and sites were monumental. We stayed at a Michelin star villa for a week in the mountains and traveled to a lot picturesque little towns then it was off to a cruise for seven days. Everything was top shelf. Beautiful  rooms ,balcanise special restaurants such a treat. Then back to Rome for a private cooking was a trip I will fondly remember forever !!!!!!!

Genie & Larry   Ft. Lauderdale Fl.