"Life is a gift and every day should be lived to its fullest". It's a saying that is used by many and owned by none, yet it is the guiding principle behind the life and times of entrepreneur, teacher, British Auto Restorer, award winning publisher, Salsa King, philanthropist, father, husband, grandfather and artist Richard Enfantino.He has been successful in all of his careers because of his desire to succeed, his talent and his perseverance. Richard's art transports the viewer into a world of peace, contentment and beauty. The colors and moods of the art are as dynamic as the artist himself. His art is "Candy to the eyes".After dazzling America with his artwork for the past twenty years, Richard has chosen to render his masterpieces and his story to parchment for all to see. The "Art and Times of Richard Enfantino" is a compendium of the works of a man who continues to live every day to its fullest.

Richard Enfantino