Richard and Nancy with a few friends took Salsa dance lessons Then of to a local night club in Havana. See how they did

      Bicitaxis in Havana Cuba                                                              

     Lamparilla Tapas Y Cervezas                                                              

What an experience! It was one of the best Mojito's Nancy and I have tasted.

      Salsa Dancing in Havana Cuba                                                             

A great local restaurant in Havana, Local food and drinks.

What an experience! It was one of the 

best adventures we had in Havana.

    Cooking at Ajiaco Café                                                             

    Sloppy Joe's Havana Cuba                                                            

A great local restaurant, Local food and drinks, and lots of history,

What an experience! It was one of the best thing Nancy and I have done.

Cuba Videos:

     Making Mojito's in Cuba