What an experience! It was one of the

best thing Nancy and I have done !!!!!!!

Vitelli Bar

Crai di Valluzzi


What an experience IThis is the only market/deli in Trivigno. It’s very small’ but they have a little of everything.

Richard and Nancy go to Matera Italy They stay at Ai Terrazzini Hotel, and have brunch.

La Foresta di San Leo

BB's Kitchen

This is where the world famous Godfather movie was shot. 

This and the whole village in the mountains is picturesque.

Italy Videos:

American Bar

Great street Artists, and great food

 Nancy and I were in Portofino Italy. we found this Bakery/Deli. The smell was fantastic. It was like a magnet.

Trattoria Marione

 Located in Hills in Trivigno. was born from the restoration of an old Benedictine monastery of the 1300s

Ai Tererazzini

 This is one of two bars in Trivigno. It’s a local place to go

have a drink and socialize. They make you feel welcome.